PSB remixen einen Song für Paul Weller

Die Pet Shop Boys Diskussion. Alles Neue und Interessante zu den Boys. Hier könnt Ihr auch Fragen stellen oder Fragen anderer Fans beantworten.
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PSB remixen einen Song für Paul Weller

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Pet Shop Boys have joined forces with Paul Weller for a “banging” extended remix of one of the former The Jam star’s new tracks.

Weller will release his latest solo LP ‘Fat pop (Volume 1)’ on Friday, May 14, and Neil Tennant reveals he and Chris Lowe have partnered with the musician for a new joint track titled Cosmic Fringes.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he says: “It’s a symphonic remix in three movements.

“Paul Weller’s song lasts for about two and a half minutes and our remix lasts for 12 and a half minutes ! It’s got three different versions all linked together.”

He adds: “Paul Weller seems quite happy with it. It’s quite banding. He asked for banding and he got banding.”

And Neil admits the duo were surprised when the rocker approached them to work on the tune, sharing: “He’s definitely up for anything. I covered The Jam’s last gig for Smash Hits in December 1982.

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